Legal Project


Taking into account the significance and success of recent legal initiatives implemented by NGOs, since 2011 the Foundation has been supporting projects run by the legal team at the Centre for Curative Pedagogics in Moscow, and relevant projects run by other organisations. The main purpose of the work of the CCP’s legal team is to draft legislative amendments, ensure the rights of children and adults with disabilities and raise legal awareness among parents and specialists working in relevant fields.

One of the joint projects run by the Foundation and the CCP is a website for speшialists and parents of children with special needs called “Osoboe Detstvo” (“Special Childhood”). The purpose of the website is to inform the widest possible audience about positive changes in legislation and education, as well as improvements in the lives of children and adults with special needs. “Special Childhood” is a social platform that brings together a huge number of different specialists and parents and allows them to share their accumulated knowledge, including information relating to modern methods for providing educational and psychological support, legal information, books and much more. Thanks to the website, parents throughout the country will be able to access these resources.  Users will be able to receive a legal consultation, access simple advice or download a book on the lives of people with special needs for free.

News about the project:

>>Naked Heart Foundation and Centre for Curative Pedagogics legal team introduce “Special Childhood” website

>>Russian State Duma reviews new draft law drawn up by the CCP legal team in collaboration with the Naked Heart Foundation


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Our projects

Family Support Centre

One of our main working objectives is to create a network of family support centres for children with special needs and their families. Their purpose is to provide combined psychological, educational, social, legal, therapeutic, and other professional assistance. Our first Family Support Centre was opened in Nizhny Novgorod.



Our annual international "Every Child Deserves a Family" forum is a unique platform for dialogue between Russian and foreign child development experts, which allows representatives from various regions of Russia to exchange views and experience. It is also a step forward towards developing a professional community in Russia.



It is impossible to solve the problems of families with disabled children without changing the attitudes of society and the state. That’s why one of the Foundations most important activities is advocacy.


Sensory integration and occupational therapy rooms

The Naked Heart Foundation is currently working to create fully-equipped sensory integration and occupational therapy rooms for children with autism and other developmental disorders, with the aim of teaching those children coping mechanisms and enabling them to reach their full potential.



The objective of our interactive online seminars is to introduce people to up-to-date, proven methods of working with people with disabilities. They are held on a regular basis and cover topics such as autism, communication and foster care. The webinars are aimed primarily at the Russian audience.


Joint projects


The aim of this project is to support NGOs that provide psychological, medical, therapeutic and social support for children with disabilities and their families; families intending to adopt, take guardianship of, or foster a child with disabilities; and disadvantaged families or families in crisis.


Integrative Summer Camps

We support projects to run summer and autumn integrative camps for children with special needs. Such camps create an environment in which children can relax emotionally, recover their health, have much-needed new experiences and communicate in a variety of different ways.


Education Project

The purpose of the Education Programme is to allow specialists from organisations working with children with special needs and their families to learn modern and effective working methods, exchange experience with colleagues and take part in education programmes involving international experts.