How to apply


Please look through the Conditions for Participation in Play with Purpose programme (in Russian) and decide which type of application suits you most – a play park or a playground.

If you would like to apply to build a play park, please look at the following link:

All projects differ in size. However, provisional statement of work will give you an
idea of the scale of preparatory works involved and will allow you to evaluate your
financial ability.

Please send us an email to and write in the subject field:
Application for a play park (playground) from _________ (name of the organisation
and town)
. Attach the following documents:

1. Application form
2. Attachment 1:

a. Details of the application
b. Reasons for the need for a playground
c. Description of the town/area, childcare facilities/site

3. Attachment 2:

a. Photo of the site
b. Site plan with dimensions and utilities infrastructure

1. Please attach your letter of application in two formats:

a. doc/docx file;
b. jpeg/pdf file containing a scanned copy of the application signed and
stamped by the main applicant.

Download Play park application form or Playground application form. Both documents are in Russian.

2. Attachment 1:

Option 1: Fill out one of the forms online in Russian: Attachment 1 (for play parks) or Attachment 1 (for playgrounds).

Option 2: If for you cannot fill out the form online, please download the following in

a. Attachment 1 in your preferred format:
– Download Attachment 1 (for play parks).xls or Attachment 1 (for

– Download Attachment 1 (for play parks).doc or Attachment 1 (for

b. Description of the town/area (doc/docx file);
c. Reasons for the need for a playground;
d. Site description: location, type of the local terrain, site accessibility for the

Please note, that Option 2 will take longer to process. We strongly recommend using Option 1.

3. Attachment 2:

a. Site plan with dimensions and utilities infrastructure (.doc, .jpg or .pdf files)
b. Photo of the site in .jpeg or .pdf format.

Unless requested by the Foundation, please do not send the documents by post.

Usually the results of the competition are announced by February/March.

Coordinate the project with the Foundation

If you are building a play park, you will need to sign a cooperation agreement (in Russian)) that clearly lists your responsibilities and the name of the person in charge of the project on your side. Please make sure you respect the commitments you make: announce tender for the construction, create agreements, etc. Also, please let the Foundation know your exact time frame for the works. We strongly recommend you look through the example of the Gratuitous Use Agreement (in Russian)) that you will need sign with the Foundation at the end of the project.

If you are building a playground, you will need to sign a trilateral agreement (in Russian) that will also state the names of the people in charge of the project and their responsibilities.

Please email your photo report of the ongoing preparatory works to together with the completion date (in the subject field of the email write: Works report from ______ (organisation name and town). Please confirm in the same email that you are ready to accept and safely store play park equipment until the building works are complete. If necessary, attach a scanned copy of the official letter to the email.

Upon completion of the installation works please advise the Foundation on you date of choice for the opening day.

If you are planning an opening ceremony with local authorities and press present, please notify the Foundation ( Let us know contact details of the local press and television so we can provide them with information about the Foundation.
We would really appreciate it if you could share your photos with us from the opening day as well the news links to stories about it.

On the opening day of the play park or upon completion of the installation works you will need to sign the following documents:

  • Gratuitous Use Agreement in Russian and acceptance report of the playground equipment. Clearly state contact details of the organisation responsible for the maintenance of the park.
  • The information will have to be confirmed annually for insurance purposes as well as inventory and safety reports.
  • We strongly recommend signing a maintenance service agreement with the supplier of the equipment or its local representative.

For playgrounds sign:

    • Trilateral acceptance report
    • Maintenance service agreement where possible

Take good care of the playground.


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