Play with Purpose


We believe that for children, play is not a luxury but a necessity, and that every child should be provided with a secure environment in which to play.

We build play facilities in places where there is no-one else to do so.

Unfortunately, a great many children in Russia do not have access to colourful and stimulating outdoor playgrounds and play parks. We are doing all we can to change that. We build play facilities in places where there is no-one else to do so. Read more here.

To date, the Foundation has built 195 play parks and playgrounds, including at a number of orphanages and children’s hospitals, an oncology centre and various rehabilitation centres. Our play facilities are located in 140 towns across Russia, from Kaliningrad to Sovetskaya Gavan. And that is just the beginning!

We believe that play brings children together. Our facilities are constructed in such a way that all children may enjoy them, regardless of their physical capabilities. As a rule, all our play parks and playgrounds are equipped with special features that allow children with disabilities or in wheelchairs to join in.

We believe that play stimulates the imagination. Our play parks and playgrounds literally transport children to another world, from grey, cold urban landscapes to colourful ships, slides, swings, pyramids and skate ramps.

We believe that play is a necessity. And we are not alone – in 1989, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights officially established play as a universal right for every child.

We believe that our play parks should be secure. All our equipment is certified in accordance not only with Russian state standards, but also with European safety standards for children’s playground equipment.  


The Benefits of Play

It is through play that young children engage with the world around them. It is through play that they develop social skills, imagination and creativity and become stronger, healthier and more confident. Play gives children who have suffered trauma or who live in difficult situations the opportunity to escape violence and despair and develop stamina and positive thinking.

Play Deprivation

We often take play for granted. However, millions of children simply do not have access to play facilities. Poverty is a major cause of play deprivation – across Russia, millions of children live below the poverty line. What is more, there is an increasing number of single-parent families, in which the sole bread-winner spends all their time at work while their children are left alone to watch TV or wander the streets.


Our task is clear and simple – we cannot lift these families out of poverty, but we can give their children bright and secure outdoor spaces to play in.


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