How we work

1. We take applications from local governments, community organisations and children’s institutions throughout the year.

2. We select locations based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated need for a play facility
  • In the case of a local government or community organisation, readiness to provide co-funding
  • Provision of appropriate land for the play facility
  • Commitment of the applicant to take responsibility for the upkeep and security of the play facility

3. We design each play facility with the local community in mind

We identify the ideal equipment and design to benefit local children, including those with disabilities.

4. We construct the play area

We work with Russian play park manufacturer KSIL to build our play parks at a discount (KSIL is an internationally respected playground manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience).
KSIL works with local subcontractors to construct the play park over a period of eight weeks.
We surround each play facility with a secure fence to protect the children from threats and dangers.

5. We monitor the play park on an ongoing basis

We visit our play parks regularly to ensure they are well maintained and kept secure.
We also ask parents, children and local children’s organisations to report back to us if they observe any vandalism, misuse of or damage to the play facility.
If a play park is not maintained adequately by our local partner, we reserve the right to relocate it.


Where we work See detailed map